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Our initial region is Takeo in the south-east of Cambodia. Our prospects of increasing our activities there are interesting. However the current drought affects this region relatively more than other areas in Cambodia.

Hence in order to diversify our climate risks and to unlock scaling now, we’ve chosen to start our activities in Kampot. It’s nearby Takeo, but thanks to proximity to water and a small mountain range, its climate is different enough to mitigate our climate risk.

When starting a new zone, it’s important to coordinate with local authorities at the provincial, district and commune level to allow for an efficient identification of potential villages. Such areas are those where farmers have access to enough resources ( land, water ) and experience problems in connecting to markets or accessing good techniques.

Authorities in Kampot are very supportive towards what we do. We’re very grateful for that. And we could go on soon enough with our process of presenting the startup and proposing our partnerships to farmers at the village level.

Early response is great and we’ll likely come with news in the months to come about good scaling in Kampot province.

In order to reach 1000 farmers, we plan to open 2 additional zones in 2017, likely closer to Battambang, in the west. Next step will be internationalizing our work.

Since Cambodian New Year was just days ago, happy new year to you all.

Guillaume Virag, 16th April 2016