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At the beginning of the year, we had the great surprise to see some of our farmers increasing their production area with their own finances. That was great because it is a much better proof than surveys to confirm that farmers trust us and our promise to increase their income.

One of these farmers is Phan Khom. Back in December 2014, he doubled his field size with a 700 $ investment, which is more than the average yearly income of a rural household in Cambodia.

Fast forward now, the results of Phan Khom this year have been tremendous and his income accounted for over 2500 $ for the year. We’re very happy first that his investment paid off, and second to see his income reaching these levels.

Considering all farmers partnering with Project Alba, we have seen an average income of 1500 $ in 2015, an over 200% increase compared to past levels of income.

In case you’re curious, our recent surveys show that this additional income goes to food, education and health in that order. Older surveys used to show farmers mentioning weddings but the latest one was clear on those three priorities.

We’ll work in the next months to facilitate investment by farmers in their production by striking deals with microfinance institutes at good conditions for farmers. That should increase farmers ability to grow their production capacity and income further more.

Guillaume, 22nd December 2015