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In the past 6 months, our level of product sold has been over 90% of the volume provided by farmers. That's actually over what we initially planned in our financial models.

What we're experiencing is close to the analysis we have been continuously making since we started Project Alba : in countries where farmers have difficulties to produce food, markets tend to be strongly undersupplied in products, especially fresh food products.

Vegetable are indeed not very resistant to long transportation hours, even more when that transport is not refrigerated. The shelf life ( how long you can keep a product after harvest ) of a lettuce in Europe is between 20 to 30 days. In Cambodia, it's about 2 to 3 days because of the lack of cold chain.

Thanks to a well controlled logistics organization, we manage to bring our products from the farmers' fields to the local markets in less than 6 hours after harvest, including the time dedicated to sorting the vegetable in order to meet the quality standards required by our clients.

Our products are thus often of better quality and cheaper than products coming from abroad, which have incurred losses on their way to Cambodia. The consequence for us is that now, what we purchase from farmers is fully sold and can compete with the imported products, which account for 80% of the products available in Cambodian markets. By continuing to improve the farmers' agricultural and post-harvest techniques, we hope to reach even better yields and offer even more competitive products to the consumers.

Guillaume Virag, 15th April 2015