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The past few weeks have been quite hectic.

In January we started implementing a series of new technologies recommended by our experts. We’ve made changes in bed preparation, irrigation systems, mulching (covering the soil with straw or husk to keep moisture), transplanting and sowing. Pretty extensive modifications of our previous practices.

It was quite a rodeo for farmers too. They had to assimilate fast a broad range of new notions.

We just received the results of the first harvests of products planted with these techniques. They are in line with our expectations, and with the numbers needed for our partnerships to be profitable both for farmers and for the company.

This is good news.

The next steps will be to confirm these numbers throughout the year and streamline processes around the new techniques. Hopefully, if things go well, we will be able to start scaling by the end of the year.

Guillaume Virag, 20th April 2014