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At Project Alba, we constantly respond to market demand to make sure that shoppers can buy the product they want. This response means we’re able to help farmers make even more money as we know what is will sell and when. We’re now using this approach to bring tomatoes and chilis to market!

The demand for tomatoes and chilis in Cambodia is high and when we interviewed consumers recently over 90 per cent told us they wanted their produce locally grown, safe and healthy. To answer this demand, over the past few months our Research and Development team have been working hard to introduce these new crops to our portfolio.

Different variants of both produce have been thoroughly trialled at our testing field and we’ve started to introduce these to farmers.

Project Alba’s new Junior Research Developer Sathya Lim is currently helping 10 of our best farmers with these new crops. Five farmers are growing traditional round tomatoes meant to be enjoyed red. Our other five farmers are growing medium sized hot red chili.

Sathya and the rest of the R&D team are working closely with the farmers from sowing and harvesting and pest management in order to help demonstrate good practices and ensure high yields at harvest.

Lowery Michelle, 01st November 2017