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The sowing success rate of our farmers recently went from below 50% to over 90% thanks to improvements in processes.
Building processes around our activity is key to several things : being efficient, having good volumes and quality levels in production, and of course being able to scale all of that to hundreds of millions of farmers.

We have been working recently on one of the first key parts of production : the processes around sowing. Thanks to a few tailored rules and IT infrastructures, the germination success rate of each farmer is now monitored weekly, aggregated by agents, displayed live throughout the company, and everyone is incentivized around it. This is a perfect example of what we call our human processes : rules that are designed around human behaviors, with the IT infrastructure to enable it to happen.

This led to a rise in germination success from under 50% to over 90%, with a direct impact on production volumes. Congratulations to all Production Team members for their efforts and achievements. 



Victor Combal-Weiss, 15th January 2013